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On Warsaw-Startup-Jobs, companies recruiting and candidates can connect through jobs’ offers like this one. Startups of Warsaw looking for candidates and talents can post an offer. You job’s offer could be presented to the visitors of this website, searching for a job position in top startups of Warsaw, try it out today!

What to do?

Check the process and the opportunities in order to get more applications:

  • Register for free on the platform,
  • Create the most attractive profile also for free on the platform and get listed among the startups of Warsaw,
  • Post a job offer (you can check the pricing here),
  • Receive top candidates’ applications for your startups,
  • Communicate with candidates,
  • Check the available profiles on the platform.

Why promoting your job’s offers on Warsaw-Startup.Jobs.com?

Advantages of  promoting your jobs’ vacancies in Warsaw:

  • Present your company and startup in a professional ways towards potentials candidates and your future employees,
  • Increase the visibility of your job offers to a larger scale thanks to us,
  • Get more applications in order to find the best match for the position,
  • Source and win the best talents in town or from other cities in the world willing to work for your startup in Warsaw,
  • Easy to use platform for an efficient candidates search,
  • Enjoy more profitable prices thank to packages, invoice can be sent on demand,
  • Up to 60 days job display on the platform,
  • Pro-efficient and fast response services from us for any questions regarding the service.

More questions?

If you have any questions before posting an offer or around the platform and in its features, please feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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