Project Manager – Docplanner

Warsaw, Poland
negotiable Expires in 2 months



We are a marketplace for doctors & patients and provide practice management software to tens of thousands of doctors.

We serve 40 million patients to make 1,5 million appointments with doctors each month. That makes us a market leader in 7 countries.

We believe in humility, radical honesty and results, not excuses.

We believe that if your passions and talents match the job, magic happens. Almost 1 300 of our team members make magic happen every day.

We also believe that “Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.”


You will be responsible for:

  • researching stakeholders’ needs
  • discussing possible solutions to be implemented
  • testing developed functionalities before they reach production environment
  • analyzing data to deliver conclusions
  • supporting dev-team with collecting details of requirements
  • communicating delivered stuff by the dev-team


If you can convince us that you:

  • have done something that will leave us in awe
  • argue using numbers and don’t fear constructive criticism
  • prefer doing to talking about doing
  • like talking to people, websites, Google Analytics & spreadsheets
  • aren’t scared of decisions, MVP’s, conversions, optimisations
  • are super smart, resourceful and come up with ingenious ideas
  • are eager to learn
  • speak very good English
  • have at least 2-year experience in Internet projects

that means you should apply!


What will you find?

  • Leave your comfort zone – There were a handful of us when we started. Now there are over 1000 of us on 3 continents. We learn and grow so the company can.
  • Focus on results, not tasks – No one can tell you what to do because.. no one has ever done it yet. Every day is a new challenge. No matter if it’s an evolution or revolution, you have all the power to start it.
  • Give feedback now, directly – We know very few mind readers. None actually. We don’t read the minds of our users. We A/B test. We don’t read the minds of each other. We ask for and give feedback.
  • Keep it simple – Right.
  • Do what you love – Alright, we work for the money. But once that is out of the way, why do you do what you do? We believe if you don’t see the meaning in what you do, you should stop right now.
  • Hustle, hit, never quit – We’ve been through highs and lows in business and as a team. We are lucky to have a “loosing sucks” syndrome. “Hustle, hit, never quit” in other words. And yes, Nike is better at PR with this one.
  • Equity – That’s right. To feel like an owner it’s best to be one.
  • Cool people – We like to get things done. And have fun in the process =)