Founding Engineer

132 000 zł - 160 000 zł / annual Expires in 2 months


About Taskable

Our mission is to give people the information they need when they need it to get more stuff done. We’re building a smart to-do list and personal productivity assistant that helps you find your flow.

The two founders have worked together for 3 years. We started Taskable in December 2019. Tomasz, based in Poland, is the technical co-founder with whom you will be working closely. Matt, based in California, is focused on product and growth.

Since launch, we’ve pre-registered over 1200 users and onboarded more than 350 to the closed beta. We’re now wrapping up our first fundraise of $250k, which gives us 18 months runway. We’re participating in the upcoming LAUNCH accelerator cohort, run by Jason Calacanis and his team.

The Role/You

We are looking for a full-stack developer to join our founding team. We aren’t overly concerned with years of experience, where you got your education, or which technical stack you’ve used the most. Instead, we prefer someone who is excited about the mission, understands the risks and uncertainties of working in a startup and is interested in learning as much as they can (and sharing that with the team). We want you to be committed for the long haul, and for you to have a significant stake in our long-term success through a generous equity package.

As a founding employee you will be instrumental in helping us build a company that people want to work at, and a product that delights our users, and makes them feel better about their day.

What we’re looking for:

  • Treat people with respect
  • Own your work
  • Coding for a few years/don’t need guidance
  • Willing to learn, and learn quickly
  • Can learn on your own, do the research, take the initiative
  • Communicative – especially since we’ll start fully remote


Our current stack is:

  • .NET 5 with C#
  • Blazor
  • React
  • Azure

Our main goal is hiring a good coder so apply even if you don’t have experience with our stack but want to and can learn quickly.


We want to build a diverse team and create a culture where everyone feels welcome. We believe we’ll be more successful the more diverse our viewpoints and experiences.

We are committed to building an inclusive team that respects and celebrates everyone regardless or race, religion, gender, and sexuality.


  • Equity (we’ll scale the equity based on how much salary you want/need and vice versa)
  • 30 days paid holiday (we want you to take it because breaks are important)
  • $350 per month work from home budget (flexible on how you spend it)
  • Bring your own device to start
  • Starting fully remote and ideally moving to help set up our engineering office in Warsaw
  • We’ll continue to be work from home/remote-friendly, but also we plan to have an office that you can drop into when we can afford it and/or Covid allows

Our Process

  1. Get in touch with us.
  2. If it looks like a good fit on paper, we’ll ask you to complete a small take home project.
  3. Get on a technical phone call with @Tomasz Krakowiak (co-founder/CTO) to talk over your solution, answer a few technical questions, and do a small whiteboard exercise.
  4. Final interview (maybe two) with both founders.
  5. Day 1: start coding.


Send us an email at [email protected] with resume/CV/body of work/anything that gives us a sense of your experience