Field market research interviewer

150 zł - 250 zł / per interview Expires in 4 weeks


Would you like the opportunity to have flexible, part time working hours and get out and about in your community meeting and talking to different people every day? If so we want to hear from you

Raccoon Technologies Poland, LLC is the EU medtech startup in physical rehabilitation after injuries and neurological diseases that was successfully launched in Germany in 2019 and now is entering Polish market. To tailor our solution for local end-users (physical therapists) we start conducting field interviews. Company details:

We are looking for people who would describe themselves as professional, with good communication skills and like working to targets. Your role will involve conducting interviews (in Polish) according to confirmed plan and manner and transciption of them. There is no respondent search or selling involved.

The first step is to conduct 10 interviews till the middle of February 2020, so we require a minimum commitment of 10 hours for interviews (personal and by phone) and 30 hours (approximately) for transcription.

We will provide you with comprehensive training to fully equip you with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

In case of successful completion of the task we can discuss the long-term relations on the position of Community Manager in Poland.