How to find a job / work in Warsaw

How to find a job in Warsaw Poland

When arriving to Warsaw, you will enjoy discovering a growing city, many possibilities to enjoy and to connect with people. Nevertheless you will be willing to settle and to find a job in Warsaw. So you will start to search for a job, a proper work in order to rent a housing and to be able to living a great life in Warsaw.

With an unemployment rate (May 2018) in Warsaw of 6,1%, this is a market getting better every year. I mean, if you get ready properly, you are kind of sure of finding a job in Warsaw. And, yes, this is not so difficult to find a work in Warsaw. Yes, you can hear people stories arriving in Warsaw, enjoying too much and thinking it could be easy to get a job. At the end, they end up broke and going back to their home country. Don’t let yourself disturb and get focused by starting following some easy steps.

How to find a job in Warsaw Poland?

Learning polish to work longterm

Finding a work in Warsaw is possible by following some steps and asking you the right questions. And before all standard, you got to know one important thing, even considering any offers: mastering the Polish languages.

Yes, there is jobs in Warsaw that does not require Polish, you could survive without speaking the language Fryderyk Chopin and Maria Skłodowska Curie. Yes, you can start to live and to work in Warsaw with only English. In the long term, you will have to learn Polish.

So, no worries, you still can find a job without speaking Polish. Just consider that, one day, you will face situation where you will need Polish language. This is often a mistake of people coming to a new country with a totally different language. They end up leaving by saying that they did not feel welcome by the locals. Well, quite logical, you need to learn a bit their own language. Even a bit does not hurt. It does not stop of working in Warsaw. Keep it in mind.

Now, that point is cleared, let’s go find a job in Warsaw, Poland.

Questions before starting searching

In order to target the right job in Warsaw, you should ask yourself a few questions.

  • What do you want to do? What missions and tasks are you willing to do?
  • What will be the industry you want to focus on and to learn the profession?
  • What kind of conditions are you wishing for, full-time, part-time, trainee, freelance, internships?
  • Where should be located your company?
  • What are your expectations in terms of salaries and advantages?
  • Are you planning to stay short term or long term?
  • What kind of culture are you wishing, traditional and corporate or modern and fast changing?

You should try to narrow down with those questions. You can check the available offers to compare with your offers before starting to apply.

Get ready with social profiles

Before applying and communicating with recruiting companies in Warsaw Poland, you should polish and embellish your social profiles. Check out your LinkedIn, quite central and most used internationally and in Poland. As you are certainly going to support international business for a polish startup, you will need to have your LinkedIn profile ready.

Get recommendations from previous experiences and colleagues if you can. Make clear and simple presentation of your previous missions and experiences. Small tips: try to organise into bullets. Watch out also your pictures, this is the first visual contact with you.

Make a good CV, make sure it is matching your profiles and now go fishing!

Job sites and jobs boards to find a job in Warsaw

The international scene is growing in Warsaw Poland. So, with some courage and motivations, you can check the local jobs or offers in Polish.


You can also try the websites collecting offers:


Then you have some more locals, just for Warsaw Poland:

  • – in english
  • Warsaw Startup Jobs – in english – obviously the best and focusing on growing startups

Or you can try also agencies:


This will give you a good start.

Meetings & networking

No big surprises here, business is about people, connecting and networking. So go out to the meetings and to events in Warsaw. Here some leads how to search potential interesting meetings:

  • meetings of expats,
  • meetings of people from your country or speaking your motherthongu,
  • meetings of specific networks, eg you are specialised in one tech language, go to the meetups. It is a great chance to talk to people already working here and to know which companies are using this language.
  • fairs

Where to find those meetings:

  • Facebook: groups and pages
  • Meetups:
  • Eventbrite:–warszawa/networking/
  • Expat:
  • Co-Working spaces
  • Cafés with high concentration of working people

There you go! It is important for you to get to know the local business and startup scenes. The best offers comes through meeting, applying with conscientiousness and motivation. Even if you don’t get a job by networking or on events, you might meet potential partners in business or just good new friends to start your life in Warsaw.

I repeat, finding a job in Warsaw Poland is not complicated. Have fun applying, and welcome to Warszawa!