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Warsaw Startup Jobs allows startups and candidates to connect via one platform. The possible vacancies are for english speaking candidates or internationals looking for a job in Warsaw startups.

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Find here all the offers for jobs in Warsaw Poland. You can check by offers or by companies. Via our platform, you apply directly to the right person in the targeted company. Communication between candidates and startup is allowed.

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Post a job for your startup in Warsaw Poland. Via a simple process, you can add your jobs’ offers and promote your startup and the vacancies available. Once posted, Warsaw Startup Jobs takes care of the promotion and the communication to motivated candidates. From there, you will receive applications for the vacancies in your startup and you will be able to communicate with the candidates.

Jobs post for your startup don’t need to be only for english native speakers. You can be looking for French, German or Spanish speakers for your startup. The candidates search in english to check if there is any available positions in Warsaw startups for their mother tongue.